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Achieving Results through Smart Innovation Leadership

Format:   Leadership & Management Course 

Date:        20th - 22th December 2022

Venue:     London, United Kingdom



  • The Leader’s Profile

  • Managing And Leading Others Effectively

  • Essential Innovative Leadership

  • Enhancing Creative Thinking Skills For The Innovative Leader

  • Implementing Innovative Leadership For Managing Performance


The world of business is changing rapidly and personal and organisational success depends upon the successful management of creativity and innovative principles of dynamic leadership.

The Managing and Leading Innovation training course provides you with the latest competencies so that you can significantly manage and lead innovation within your organisation. This TSY course will focus on inspiring and empowering the individual to handle a wide range of innovation and change situations.


  • Develop leadership competencies

  • Harness their emotional intelligence to release creativity in the workplace

  • Understand and practice innovation through their leadership

  • Gain insights of their own strengths and weaknesses and leadership styles

  • Develop emotional competencies such as resilience, creativity, intentionality and interpersonal connections

  • Understand and practice key people skills

  • Develop enhanced interpersonal relationships

  • Learn to apply people skills for success in the workplace

  • Empower their teams to innovate and change to the demands of the future


Who Should Attend:

  • Professionals in business, government, education, social aid and the military

  • Leaders and managers of organisations, departments or teams who need to develop innovation

  • Those responsible for developing and implementing innovative strategies

  • Professional responsible for managing change, improving operational performance, creating and leading high performance teams.

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