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Constructing The Future Elite -

Unique Way of Leadership from the East to the West

          بناء النخبة المستقبلية - طريقة مميزة للقيادة

Date:        24th - 28th June 2018

Venue:      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Seminar Highlight:

  • Unique Leadership & Management Style of Successful Japanese Organisation

  • Unique Leadership & Management Style of Successful American Organisation


In a number of ways, Japanese leadership styles differ from those in the United States. A number of reasons have been cited for these differences. One of the most common is that Japanese and U.S. managers have a basically different philosophy of managing people.

The Japanese leadership approach is heavily group oriented, paternalistic, and concerned with the employee’s work and personal life. The U.S. leadership approach is almost the opposite. 

Seminar Objectives and Relevance to Industry:

There is an ingredient that has made US & Japanese companies thrive and Great.  In this seminar, we will delve into the management practices and the subtle culture of the society that has gave them competitive advantage over other companies. We will also be exploring the strengths and weaknesses of these practices and how we should selectively learn from them.

Program Portfolio:

In the last 2 years this programs has been ever evolving and custom build around integral leadership skills needed for practitioners to accelerate performance in their growing entities. This program is designed to uplift the skills of routine talent to high performing ones and directed to achieving highly skilled leaders.

Who Should Attend:

Business Owner, Team Leaders and Managers who want to learn how the US & Japanese companies improve their operations and organizations through the successful application of unique strategies.


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