Finance and Investment Management Control Using Risk-Based Approach

Format:                  19 Days Finance and Investment Management Course

Date:                       28th October - 15th November 2019

Venue:                    London, United Kingdom

Course Highlights:

  • Understanding the Purpose of Financial Investment Statements

  • Investment Appraisal and Company Valuation     

  • Risk and Performance Measurement

  • Interest Rates, Yield Measures and Yield Curves

  • Investing in Infrastructure


This Finance and Investment Management Control Using Risk-Based Approach course is to provide management executives with the requisite tools to avoid making value-destroying decisions, the consequences of which can be catastrophic for the company, its employees and the economy. Whether you invest in domestic or international markets for institutions, this programme will give you the skills to increase your returns, reduce risk and retain investors. You also have the unique opportunity to network with your industry peers worldwide.

Throughout the course, we will cover the key financial and investment decisions facing senior management, namely: how a company or project is financed, the knowledge to understand the investment environment and the respective roles and responsibilities of stakeholders.​

Course Objectives:

At the end of the programme, participants will have a more profound understanding and knowledge of the following areas: -

  • Acquire detailed knowledge of available financial instruments

  • Understand the issues in raising long term and short term finance

  • Reconcile the remuneration needs of all stakeholders

  • Managing risk and how this impacts operational efficiency and effectiveness

  • Devise asset allocation strategies for a post-credit crunch environment

  • Alpha analysis and information ratios in theory and practice

  • Construct superior equity portfolios using behavioural finance theory

  • Reassess hedge fund investing in light of recent events

  • Learn how to implement portable alpha strategies via practical applications

  • Assess the opportunities offered by emerging alternative assets

  • Develop frameworks to accommodate real and tangible assets in portfolios

Who Should Attend:

  • Junior or Senior executives who want to fully and knowledgeably participate in financial decisions. The hands on, and real world approach will resonate with senior management and will provide immediate opportunities for application in the work place

  • Financial executives who wish to gain a better understanding of the regulatory audit environment

  • Operations supervisor or manager

  • Fund administrator & Fund services relationship manager

  • Hedge fund administrator

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