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Financial Management and Reporting on IFRS & IPSAS

- A Risk Management Perspective

Format:     5 Days Financial Management Course

Date & Venue:         9 - 13 June 2019       (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

                                  23 - 27 June 2019      (Dubai, UAE)


  • The Evolving International Accounting Standards 

  • Purpose and Objectives, including Financial Statement Audit Impact

  • Structure and Content of Both General and Specific Elements of  Financial Statements

  • IFRS Conversion and Preparation

  • Importance of Corporate Governance and Awareness of IFRS Best Practices


International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS) are now the world’s most widely accepted and applied accounting standards with more than 100 countries now applying the standards.

The differences between generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), principally established by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), and international financial reporting standards (IFRS), as established by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), is narrowing at a faster pace.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the recognition and measurement principles as delineated within the IASB’s Framework and comprehending their application within each accounting standard.

  • Defining and applying the transition process to IFRS and identifying the first-time exemption as well as exceptions relating to the financial statements of a transitioning  organization.

  • Understanding the current and potential future requirements of IFRS, including the final prospects and timetable for the convergence of GAAP and IFRS.

  • Applying standards in accordance with their requirements in terms of preparing IFRS compliant financial statements, including the selection of appropriate accounting policies and related footnote disclosures.

  • Examining accounting standards that either require or permit the use of fair value measurement (including comparisons to U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Nos. 157 and 159), determining fair value measurements and financial statement recognition issues and presentation.

Training Methodology:

This practical workshop will have a combination of slide presentations, video analysis and case studies to make it learning that candidates shall be able to take it back to their workplace for implementation.

Who Should Attend:

  • Financial Analysts

  • Financial Executives

  • Accounting Professionals

  • Auditors

  • Bankers & Investment Bankers

  • Any other professionals involved in the preparation, presentation, implementation or analysis of financial statements prepared in accordance with International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS)​.

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Mr Sunny (English): +60 17 403 6965



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