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Leadership and Strategic Planning Skills to Achieve Organisation Goals

Format:     2 Weeks Leadership & Management Course

Date & Venue:         5th - 18th June 2023       (Washington DC, USA)

Course Highlights:

  • The Critical Role of Supervisor and Front Line Manager

  • Creative and Innovative Problem Solving and Decision-Making

  • Mastering Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Time Management and Delegation

  • The Evolution of Strategic Planning and Strategic Thinking

  • Strategies for Growth, Profitability and Value Creation

  • Engaging your Organisation in Strategic Thinking

  • Strategic Thinking and The Power of Visionary Leadership

  • Motivating, Rewarding and Leading Teams

  • Maximising Interpersonal Communications


This course will show you how to inspire and empower any team or organisation to achieve outstanding results. You will be able to introduce your own leadership vision and manage more effectively to have a major impact on your organisation’s performance and achievement. You will return home confident in your abilities to fire up the spirit and passion in your people by demonstrating strong leadership and management.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand their role and critical importance to lead and manage

  • Determine effective problem-solving and rapid decision-making within their working environment

  • Apply powerful interpersonal techniques to improve communication

  • Apply development, coaching and feedback techniques to increase optimum people performance

  • Delegate effectively for maximum efficiency

  • Achieve measurable improvements in leadership performance

  • Learn how to manage and motivate staff to outstanding performance

  • Generate employee buy-in for change

  • Measure and improve the performance of your people

  • Lead difficult staff and colleagues through giving feedback

  • Understand how strategic thinking has developed and evolved over the past fifty years

  • Comment effectively on strategy and its implementation within your own organisation

  • Differentiate strategy from tactics

  • Learn the key models and vocabulary to “talk strategy” effectively with others

  • Link daily actions and team performance to headline strategy

  • Recognise some of the key factors that lead to changes in strategy

  • Create your own personal strategy for success

Who Should Attend:

  • First Line Managers / Team Leaders

  • Leaders interested in acquiring organisational development skills

  • Managers seeking to enhance their leadership skills

  • Team leaders who wish to build a vision for the future

  • Individual who wish to develop their leadership skills.

Call / WhatsApp us for further information and registration of this program.

Mr Hussein (Arabic): +6011-60724931 (Arabic, WhatsApp Only)

Mr Sunny (English): +6012-6243921



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