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TSY In House Training #17: 150 Participants Mega Team Building

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

TSY In House Training #17: 150 Participants Mega Team Building
Participant's arrival to the event hall.

The Team Building activities are conducted on an Action Learning style for the Organization. It involves in-door and out-doors activities to make learning fun yet engaging. Normally the maximum capacity that training provider can handle is less than 100 participants, TSY have it's solid team building trainer team that can handle more than 200 participants, this round is sized in 150 participants, not a problem for us at all.

The venue we pick here has a public use beach, and also event hall that can accommodate this huge crowd we have. Therefore, we can have indoor and also outdoor activities to keep our activity fun and interesting!

Course Objectives:

  • Take responsibility and better ownership and be passionate in your job towards Organisation objectives

  • To enhance your determination and inspiration to be dedicated to your Department Team and the Organisation

  • To revitalize your energy, attitude, values and well-being to adapt to changes and perform well as a Team Member

  • To understand your own social and communicative behaviour

  • To interact effectively with different levels of colleagues

  • To take control of your emotions and energy and channel them to achieve higher productivity and self-satisfaction

  • Enhance on your role as vital Members in the Organisation

Date: 4th September 2017

Venue: Rainbow Paradise Hotel, Tanjung Tokong, Malaysia

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