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TSY In House Training #51: Omron Model CPIE – Basic PLC Programming

Malaysia In House Training: Omron Model CPIE – Basic PLC Programming
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This training program for Omron Basic PLC Programming course provides a basic understanding of Omron PLCs programming capabilities. Control strategies and programming will be reviewed. Data Movement, Floating Point Math, Shift, Compare, Distribute, Collection, Transfer, and other instructions will be covered.

Date: 29th & 30th December 2018

Venue: Panasonic Automotive Systems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. , Prai, Penang

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Construct, test and run PLC programs using instructions.

  • Utilize advanced trouble shooting tools online.

  • Download, Upload, Save and copy programs.

  • Formulate a control strategy for creating PLC programs.

  • Fully document a PLC program.

  • Utilize advanced troubleshooting tools.

Who Should Attend:

Electricians, Technicians, Engineers, Maintenance Personnel, Control Engineers, Individuals who need to be able to understand the advanced capabilities of Omron PLCs.

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