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Retirement & Later Life Living Development Conference

Format:     3 Days Conference

Date:         19 - 21 July 2022       

Venue:       Hilton Bellevue, USA – Washington - Bellevue

Fees:          USD 1950.00 per Trainee


This conference will bring together experts from throughout the sector, including policymakers, investors, major developers, and leading social housing providers, to share specifics on growth projects and debate the sector's most pressing concerns.

Conference Outlines:


  • Designing, Developing and Delivering Retirement Living of the Future

  • Exploring the City of Longevity

  • Retirement and Later Life Living as a Lending and Investment Prospect

  • How the Social Housing Sector Can Bolster Later Life Living

  • Revolutionizing The Way People Sell Their Homes

  • Retirement Living Major Development Plans

  • Identification of retirement living leadership skills

  • Challenges professionals face in changing later life living

  • Conflict conditions in later life living


  • The role of leadership in dynamic retirement living

  • Understanding the role of strategic management in retirement living

  • How leadership skills have changed with retirement living change

  • Developing a culture of retirement living excellence

  • Learning the skill and techniques of managing retirement living

  • Risk planning that deals with retirement living and conflicts

  • Successful interpersonal interaction develops trust

  • Characteristics of interpersonal interaction

  • Identification of the personal interaction style in retirement living

  • Individual strengths and challenges of each interaction style

  • Interpersonal communication is what is said, how it is said and the tone it is said


  • Understanding of how interpersonal communication preferences differ

  • Developing an active listening communication style

  • Communication information distribution and presentation in retirement living

  • Communicating empowerment techniques in a retirement living

  • Understanding how innovation and improvement can generate conflict

  • Change and its role in retirement living and dealing with conflict resulting from change

  • Leading personal change in retirement living

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