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Best Practices For Business Statistics & Data Collection, Analysis and Presentation

Date:        12th - 30th November 2018

Venue:     London, United Kingdom



  • Key Concepts on Business Decision Making

  • Data and Methods of Data Collection 

  • Business Data Analysis

  • Forecasting Techniques Using Business Data

  • Decision Making Based On Data Evaluation

  • Data Presentation Using Persuasive And Influential Business Communication Method


Gaining the business data, statistics, information technology and various analytical methods helps professionals gain improved insight into their business issues and helps make better informed decisions. In order to enhance return on investment, improve stakeholder satisfaction, mitigate business risks and improve planning, the tools and techniques presented in this course can be applied across many areas in a wide variety of organisations.

Delegates will work through practical case studies. With the aid of clear explanations, discussions and detailed material in both hard and soft copy it will enable you to transfer skills and knowledge to your workplace.

This TSY course covers the foundational knowledge necessary to collect reliable business data and conduct comprehensive analysis to help maximise organisational value. It focus on the enhancement of essential knowledge and skills and equips participants with a toolbox of ideas and methodologies for effective data collection and analysis.


As a result of completing this programme, all participants will having the following benefits:

  • Understand the business context and select the most appropriate Methods of Data Collection

  • Use Probability to estimate data

  • Understand the Limitations of Data and Data Analysis and undertake Hypothesis Testing

  • Use Data Analysis and Forecasting Techniques to make business decisions

  • Learn to obtain and analyse business information from a wide range of primary and secondary information sources including stakeholder consultations, surveys and research

  • Use proven diagnostic and analytical tools to organize, verify, validate and prioritise data

  • Apply some simple statistical analysis tools to obtain specific business insights

  • Develop and present viable business solutions based on a rational analysis of options

  • Learn a simple, tried and tested approach for persuasive and influential presentation of business information


Who Should Attend:

  • All personnel who are involved in collection, analysis and communication of business data, statistics and information and wish to be able to develop robust and justified business solutions and convince stakeholders to support their recommendations.

  • Professionals who wish to gain an introduction to Data Analysis in order to improve their analytical skills and understanding of data.

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Mr Hussein (Arabic): +60 13 245 5065

Mr Sunny (English): +60 17 403 6965



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