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Projects, Contracts & Purchasing


In this fast paced world in which we operate as professionals, it is of the upmost importance that we keep up to date with our knowledge, competencies and skills in our chosen profession. From pre-award to final closeout, you will learn tools and techniques for managing contract risk, effective performance management, change management, claims negotiation and dispute resolution. These practical courses provide best practice and in-depth guidance in balancing costs against risks, actively managing supply chain relationships, and handling challenges that typically arise during the life of a contract.

Our training courses are carefully structured to build your understanding and practical skills in these essential knowledge areas. When contracts are becoming increasingly complex, effective management of contract creation and implementation can maximise operational and financial performance, and minimise risk.

Courses can be arrange in different length of duration in different cities globally upon request.

Courses Duration: 5 Days, 14 Days, or 19 Days


Please contact us for more info, we ensure best quality training and services will be provided.

Call or WhatsApp: Hussein +60 11 60936445 (Arabic, WhatsApp Only)

                                 Sunny    +60 12 6243921 (English)

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