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Dynamic and Effective

Committed to producing results for you

TSY Consultancy Faculty

The work of TSY Consultancy was created out of a commitment to bring about a breakthrough—draw out the true potential of a person. Trainers of TSY’s programs create the space and possibilities in which those breakthroughs can occur.

Our program trainers are well equipped with both strong knowledge and real industrial hands-on experience to present course distinctions and lead the group discussions in a way that is engaging, empowering, and produces extraordinary results for all participants. Our faculty achieves consistently high ratings from participants for both the power of the material they present and their ability to communicate. Most importantly, participants always learned more than what they expected from the course because of the experience sharing from our Faculty.

Meet Your Professional Trainer

The men and women who lead our TSY training and development training courses come from a great variety of backgrounds and are extensively trained. The trainers conduct our programs on a regular basis in more than 20 locations in the South East Asia (SEA), Asia, and the Middle East. Interested in our professional trainer program?

Anand Raj

The Excellent Soft Skill Pro

Daniel Wong

The Master NLP Expert

Suresh Kumar

The Risk Management Expert

Danny Chee

The LPI EQ Expert

Devaraju Joseph

The Financial Expert

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