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Soft Skills 


Based on the research, good communication skill is the priority in workplace follow by positive attitude, teamwork and etc. to get your employee perform effectively in the workplace, please allowed us to introduce some of the interesting soft skills training for you.

Subject experts in TSY International have carefully selected modules that complement each other and developed a variety of synergized trainings that bridges the two related disciplines. These courses will give you a wider skill set and a greater, more varied knowledge of your chosen field of study. Employers around the world are increasingly recognizing that two or three week courses can be an added benefit and having a broader range of skills should be an advantage in the career progression.

Courses can be arrange in different length of duration in different cities globally upon request.

Courses Duration: 5 Days, 14 Days, or 19 Days


Please contact us for more info, we ensure best quality training and services will be provided.

Call or WhatsApp: Hussein +60 11 60936445 (Arabic, WhatsApp Only)

                                 Sunny    +60 12 624392 (English)

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