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Business Meeting

Best Practices of

Innovative Business Transformation

Format:                     Five Days Leadership Seminar

Date & Venue:         3rd - 7th Mar 2019            (Istanbul, Turkey)


Seminar Highlight: 

  • An Insights About Business Models

  • Strategic Thinking and Leadership in Business Analysis

  • Strategy Analysis and Solution Evaluation

  • Value Co-Creation and Collaborative Management Practice

  • Competitiveness and Sustainability through Business Model Innovation


There are transformative forces that concurrently reshaping the entire business landscape. Global market are moving towards a more consistent economic growth, favourable demographics, and deep integration between nations. Rapid technological disruptions facilitated by technological progress, big data and AI are redrawing industry boundaries and transforming organisations – changing the very nature of leadership and management.

Leading Business Transformation is a general management seminar designed to help executives understand, adapt, and ultimately leverage these transformational trends within the organisation.

This intensive seminar will provide you with frameworks for structuring your agenda on leading business transformation in your organisation. It achieves this by weaving together a rich blend of essential topics on macroeconomics, strategy, marketing, change management, leadership and decision-making, innovation and entrepreneurship in global markets.


Course Objectives:

  • Understand the transformation of the global and regional business landscape

  • Gain greater insight into business fundamentals and the confidence to lead across functions and geographical borders

  • Develop innovative approaches to strategy, marketing, organisational design and change in the global context

  • Learn to make effective individual and group decisions under uncertainty and strategic interdependence

  • Understand which business principles & practices are universal, and which need to be tailored to certain region.


The seminar will be conduct in English and Arabic.

لغة البرنامج: العربية + الانجليزية

Who Should Attend:

Participants cover the full spectrum of business professionals and leaders from the private or public sectors.

They are usually: Executives with management experience, who are heads of functions or senior functional experts seeking to build their business acumen.

Someone with strategic responsibility for driving their business forward and growing their teams in the industry.

Call / WhatsApp us for further information and registration of this program.

Mr Hussein (Arabic): +60 13 245 5065

Mr Sunny (English): +60 17 403 6965




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