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Best Practices of Recruitment, Personality Analysis & Assessment

Format:     5 Days Human Resources Management Course

Date & Venue:         10 - 14 November 2019         (Kuwait)


  • Creating the Recruitment and Decision Making Process 

  • Interview Techniques and the Decision Making Process

  • Deciding the Correct Level & Content of Personality Analysis

  • The Relationship Between Recruitment Data and Development Needs

  • Assessment Centres; Results and Competence


This course has been developed to address the issue of ensuring organisations have in place a ‘robust’ and reliable Recruitment & Assessment Process. On reflection, the recruitment process can appear to be too arduous and time consuming, however in the market place today it is imperative for both the recruiting organisation and the candidate that the right outcome is achieved for both parties.

This course is designed to examine every element of the recruitment process in detail from how the initial contact(s) are made to finally appointing the chosen candidate. This will enable delegates to make their own minds up as to “what is right process for their organization”, to deliver the best results for them currently and in the future. Additionally, this course addresses the importance of having the appropriate resources available and how to achieve this to increase the probability of success​.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the programme, participants will have a more profound understanding and knowledge of the following areas: -​

  • Examine the total process of Advanced Recruitment, Personality Analysis and Assessment techniques

  • Discuss at every stage potential outcomes & consequences when employing a variety of tools and techniques

  • Create a methodology to be well placed to successfully differentiate between the good and excellent candidate consistently

  • Explore the use of Personality Analysis, both Personality and General Ability instruments along with the benefits, challenges and guidelines

  • The over arching benefits of adopting an assessment based process

  • Examine the benefits of object, rather than subjective data in the decision making process

  • Develop sound reasoning for adopting approaches when considering multiple role recruitment campaigns

Training Methodology:

This practical workshop will have a combination of slide presentations, video analysis and case studies to make it learning that candidates shall be able to take it back to their workplace for implementation.

Who Should Attend:

  • HR Managers / Team Leaders and Officers

  • Recruitment Officers / Consultants

  • Recruiting Managers, (the line manager responsible for the new recruit(s)

  • Members of staff who are involved in the administration process

  • Coordinators who are responsible for the management of all the resources during the recruitment process

  • Professionals who act as a point of contact with Recruitment Agencies

  • Professional Recruiters newly engaged in this activity

Call / WhatsApp us for further information and registration of this program.

Mr Hussein (Arabic): +60 13 245 5065

Mr Sunny (English): +60 17 403 6965



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