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Budget Preparation, Allocation and Cost Control

Format:                     Budgeting & Costing Course

Date & Venue:         11th - 15th June 2023       (Barcelona, Spain)

Course Highlights:

  • The Need for Financial Control in Business

  • Capital Budgeting and Investment Appraisal

  • Cost Analysis and Management

  • Full Costing, Marginal Costing and Activity Based Costing

  • Budget Construction and Control


All business decision making involves analysing situations and assessing alternatives, risks and benefits. This training course offers an opportunity to acquire and then deploy new skills and ideas to achieve improved financial operations and strategies. The knowledge acquired will enhance the budget process and control processes through a variety of strategies and techniques that will provide new insights to how financial performance can be enhanced.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of a well-defined budget process and create budgets relevant to your organisation

  • Acquire costing and budgeting terminology and techniques

  • Master methods for risk, payback and cost-benefit analysis

  • Learn how to integrate profit, cash and balance sheet plans and budgets

  • Using ‘what-if’ and Stochastic Models to evaluate probable outcomes and ranges of variances and identify key drivers for corrective actions

  • Understand the use of Present Value, IRR and discounted cash flow (DCF) to support investment and financial decision making.

Who Should Attend:

  • Both financial and non-financial professionals at all levels

  • Delegates with a financial background will enjoy the opportunity to broaden their knowledge base in aspects of budgeting and cost control that may not be part of their current responsibilities or experience

  • By participation in this course, participants whose background is not in the financial sector will gain an understanding of both the strategic and the technical aspects of budgeting and cost control involving both the financial and the operational opportunities for performance improvement

  • At the conclusion of the course all delegates will gain a strong understanding of the practicalities; techniques and strategies of budgeting and cost control that will both enhance their effectiveness and contribution in their current role and their career opportunities based on the skills and insights acquired

Call / WhatsApp us for further information and registration of this program.

Mr Hussein (Arabic): +6011-60936445

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