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Contract Management For Engineers:

Procurement, Tendering, Partnering and Claims

Date:      12th - 30th Nov 2018

Venue:   London, United Kingdom

Course Highlights:

  • Contract Formation and Management Fundamental for Engineers

  • Bidder Selection, Tender Evaluation and Negotiations

  • Managing the Performance of the Contract and Next Steps

  • How Claims and Counter Claims Arise 

  • Dispute Resolution


For any organisation to be successful it is essential that a contract management function is in place, with the right knowledge and skills to carry out procurement activities effectively. This requires one or more individuals who can create and manage the organisation’s relationships with vendors, service suppliers and contractors. Procurement is often carried out through Competitive Tendering. Partnering is a broad term used to describe a more collaborative approach between the parties in developing and operating a contract. Competitive tendering and partnering might therefore be considered as opposite ends of a procurement spectrum.
While the object of international contracting is to write and manage contracts so as to minimize disputes, some disagree-ments are inevitable. These can arise from failures by one of the parties, but also often arise from misunderstandings as to obligations under the contract. Therefore, contract claiming also play a very crucial role in the whole process.
The participants will be able to apply the learning to their own organisation’s contract management practices and have a better understanding of the essential facets of Procurement, Tendering and Partnering. This course will also look at how claims (and counter claims) arise; how they can be reduced or avoided by good contracts management; how they should be evaluated when received, or prepared when being delivered and how to resolve disputes arising from such claims. It will also, and most importantly, look at ways of avoiding disputed claims in the first place.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:​

  • Explain the engagement and management of vendors, service suppliers and contractors

  • Demonstrate their knowledge about how to transfer risk through different contract types

  • Discuss the key elements of the Procurement Process

  • Define partnering and explore the challenges and opportunities of partnering approaches

  • Provide an understanding of how and why claims and counterclaims arise

  • Explain the differences between claims and counterclaims

  • Identify common causes of claims and disputes, and how to avoid them

  • Discuss how to develop contracts management procedures to avoid disputes over claims and counterclaims, while resisting unjustified claims

  • Provide an understanding of some of the main methods of dispute resolution involving third parties

  • Develop an understanding of Traditional and Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques, including different ways of resolving disputes without recourse to courts or arbitration

Who Should Attend:

Anyone involved in contracting and claiming of any kind. Whether an engineer, project manager, or executive, this course will put the mechanics of procurement into perspective.

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