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Financial Planning and Application For Budgeting 

Format:                     Financial Planning Course

Date & Venue:         18th - 22th December 2022       (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

                                  8th - 26th May 2023                     (Istanbul, Turkey)

Course Highlights:

  • The Nature and Purpose of Accounting and Finance

  • Understanding the Financial Statements

  • What is Financial Planning

  • Short and Long Term Financing

  • Using Evidence for Financial Planning

  • Implementing Financial Plans


In todays competitive global market place, organisations are increasingly under threat. Coupled with the recent credit crunch and recession in some markets, organisations are having to look at other ways of protecting their business and margins.
Financial Planning and Implementation ensures accountability while aligning the entire business with actionable and achievable goals and objectives. This programme will help you to look “outside the box” and be creative and entrepreneurial in your organisation.
This training course is designed to go beyond the theoretical. It is mandatory in today’s dynamic world to be able to link planning with financial performance.

Course Objectives:

As a result of completing this programme, all participants will having the following benefits:

  • Understanding the concept of financial planning and its benefits

  • Acquire detailed knowledge of available financial instruments

  • Understand the issues in raising long term and short term finance

  • To understand the link between involvement and accountability

  • To provide insights into developing implementation plans

  • Know how to develop an actionable financial plan with controllable milestones

Who Should Attend:

  • Executive level professionals with financial responsibility

  • Senior level professionals who need to understand financial implementation and its impact

  • Middle level professionals in all areas of the business financial impacting and affected by their decisions

  • All staff who are accountable for financial performance

Call / WhatsApp us for further information and registration of this program.

Mr Hussein (Arabic): +6011 60724931

Mr Sunny (English): +6012 6243921



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