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Fusion of Innovation and Leadership

                    (مؤتمر (الاندماج بين الابتكار والقيادة


With human capital development as an integral component, industries are keep developing as well, the Business Services sector is a highly differentiated industry, comprising a range of high value skills and services. This makes it a high-value-add sector that is poised to nurture innovation and broaden the knowledge and skill base within the organizational environment. As a result, the sector is also central to efforts in raising productivity and enhancing the competitiveness of the entire economy, leading to a multiplier effect on its wider economy driven by different industries organisation leaders.

Conference Objectives and Relevance to Industry:

This exclusive 3 days conference cum workshop structured and pragmatic approach to developing Leaders. It is not a teaching program, but a developing program designed to engage leaders in a process that results in personal and professional growth. The program offers in-depth learning with broad range of knowledge, skills, and abilities from the perspective of Leadership Coaching and Emotional Management that are critical and essentials skills required for Leaders in managing the operational activities.

Program Portfolio:

In the last 2 years this programs has been ever evolving and custom build around integral leadership skills needed for practitioners to accelerate performance in their growing entities. Backed with industrial research findings by the experts and mapped against the international competency benchmarks, this program is designed to uplift the skills of routine talent to high performing ones and directed to achieving highly skilled leaders.

Who Should Attend:

Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers who want to learn how to transform or improve their operations and organizations through the successful application of strategies by greater levels of creativity and innovation.


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Date:         22th - 26th April 2017

Venue:      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Seminar Highlight:

  • Contemporary Leadership, Innovativeness 

  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence

  • Discover and understand personalities and behavioural dimensions self and others

  • Able to communicate wisely as a Innovative Business Leader

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