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Malaysia In-House Training List | TSY Consultancy

TSY Consultancy Malaysia

Your Human Capital Development Partner, A HRDF Certified Training Provider

Get the most of your Training Budget:
In House Development Solutions

It’s important to ensure that your Training and Development budget is spent wisely.

All our training programs are HRDF Claimable!!

That’s why we are trusted by 100’s of organisations to provide their development solutions.

We provide cost efficient and effective development solutions regardless of your budget size. We will work with you to ensure the your ROI (Return on Investment) is justified through the use of innovative and creative development solutions.

We will find out what is the real needs that the target participants aiming to gain from the training session before we propose, modules are customize and tailor made for each and every training. The reason to do so is because no individual or groups are totally the same as another. We couldn't fit the same module for every groups of participants. 

The training topic is too wide and it is keep developing and evolving based on the current situation in the industry and technology.

To make it simple and clear, we split the training into a few different categories. Namely:

  • Safety and ERT / EHS Personnel Training

  • Production & Continual Improvement Related Training Program

  • Talent Development & Soft Skills related Training Program

  • Programming and Microsoft Office Series

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Finance & Accounting

Please contact us by clicking the button below or call us on +6012 624 3921 to share us your training needs and we will figure out what to propose. Even guiding you to finish the steps of claiming HRDF online.

Malaysia In-House Training List | TSY Consultancy

Why Choose an In-House Training?

With over 5 years’ of training and development experience, a suite of over 200 courses, with the ability to utilise over 30 world-class Trainers, Facilitators and Specialist Consultants – why wouldn’t you want to use us?


In-house, bespoke courses bring with them many benefits, including:

  • 100% Customised – tailored to fit your learning objectives

  • Cost effective savings – reduced travel, accommodation, and location expenses

  • Team Building – captures the synergistic effect as one united team

  • Convenient – we work around your schedule


Our highly experienced and professional Trainers & Consultants will work with you to understand your exact needs, working with you from beginning to end – and beyond – to ensure that your learning objectives are met, and provide a superb learning experience.


For more details on how we can help you create the best development option for your organisation and people, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of highly professional consultants are ready to provide you with expert advice and support.

TSY In House Training Courses:

ERT /EHS Personnel Training (Fulfill JKKP Requirement)

Production & Continual Improvement Related Training Program

Talent Development & Soft Skills related Training Program

   **NLP Version Soft Skill And Management Training Can Be Customize Upon Request

Microsoft & Programming related Training Program

Supply Chain Management

  • Understanding Incoterms 2020

  • Supplier Quality Management

  • Supply Chain Profitability Strategies related Training

  • Finance & Accounting related Training     

Some of our Clientele:

Hear from Corporate Leaders

“To make my team to be more effective at work was one thing, but to make us more innovative at the same time was a huge surprise.”

Ong KS

QA Director of Renesas Semiconductor Malaysia

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