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TSY International Courses #6: Biorisk Management in Bangkok

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

TSY International Courses #6: Biorisk Management in Bangkok
Biorisk Management, Bangkok. Brought to you by TSY and CRDF.

After our Malaysia Biorisk Management Training, we having our next collaboration event with CRDF from United States of America right after that. As always, the objectives of this training is to help increase the capability and knowledge on Biorisk Management for Biorisk related personnel from various countries.

Date: 4th to 8th December 2017

Venue: Miramar Hotel , Bangkok, Thailand

TSY International Courses #6: Biorisk Management in Bangkok
Event registration and training handout are ready.

This training is carried out from 2 biorisk professional trainer from Thailand and Pakistan. Namely

- Dr Javed (Biorisk Management Association, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar), and

- Dr Kasurkon (Expert from Thailand Biosafety and Biosecurity Association).

TSY International Courses #6: Biorisk Management in Bangkok
Explanation given by Dr Javed to participants.

TSY International Courses #6: Biorisk Management in Bangkok
Presentation by participants.

The “Five Days Biorisk Management Training Workshop”, organized by the TSY Consultancy PLT Malaysia and by BRM experts. The training offers a first complete analysis of biological risk, and an introduction on biosafety and biosecurity as sets of measures that can help manage biological risk. The course will introduce new concepts of biorisk management which combines risk assessment, risk mitigation and performance systems. It will provide the participants with proper knowledge and skills to adequately implement a biorisk management system in their facilities to perform a through biosafety and biosecurity assessment formulate mitigation measures and ensure their effectiveness.

Who Should Attend:

  • Health Professionals, Laboratory Managers/Workers, Veterinarians and Physicians.

  • Good command of English is required.

  • The variety of presented topics addresses the needs and interests of different professionals in the field of bio-risk management.


TSY is proud to organise this event with the full support from CRDF. We promise that we always provide quality training with quality venue.


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