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TSY In House Training #237: Management Communication and Writing Skills

TSY In House Training #233: Excellent Customer Service
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By practicing good interpersonal communication and listening skills, your employees and organization will perform better because everyone will know what is expected of them and what it takes to communicate effectively. Reporting skills is also a crucial element in information transferring purpose. The program aims to help individuals to learn how to communicate clearly, avoid jumping to conclusions, seek clarification and avoid making assumptions that distorts the information received. They will know how to create the positive impact required to gain the confidence of their subordinates, bosses, customers and suppliers.

Date: 26th January 2022

Venue: ESCATEC Electronics Sdn Bhd, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Course Objectives:

  • ASSERTIVE Communication, which is the fundamental of Effective Communication Skills

  • Foundational knowledge and skills of interpersonal communication

  • Understanding and adjusting to different communication styles;

  • Asking and responding to questions; and understanding the impact that culture has on interpersonal communication.

  • Leadership and employee perspectives will be examined including strategies to build an organization based on effective communication practices.

Who Should Attend:

The program is relevant for Executives, Managers, Department Heads and any individuals to improve the Communication Skills to achieve higher level of performance in their Business.

Training Methodology:

  1. Lectures

  2. Practical exercises

  3. Case Study Analysis using educational videos

  4. Tests to gauge understanding.

More Training Pictures:

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