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TSY In House Training #407: Strategic Cost Reduction Management In Supply Chain And Procurement

TSY In House Training #407: Strategic Cost Reduction Management In Supply Chain And Procurement
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Having continuous productivity and operational improvement plans is a very essential part of any manufacturing organisation. When the proper systems are in place, enterprises can enjoy the benefits of a well-managed bottom-line.

Given the dynamic nature of the many uncertainties involved from managing the entire chain. Many companies find it necessary to upgrade the skills of their staff in order to capitalize on this opportunity. Having staff that is able to use their creative juices for day-to-day productivity improvements and also use their ability to problem solve serves to support an organisation better in its drive to be an effective organisation.

This special program focuses on cost reduction and savings that will enable working professionals to analyse their current costs and identify opportunities to deliver the best value outcomes through the use of objective and realistic methodologies and techniques. Most importantly will cover managing situation affected by supply chain disruptions.

During the course of the training, there will be workshops where participants will create a cohesive supply chain cost reduction & management strategy based around both their areas of responsibilities and overall goals of the organizations.

Date: 23th & 24th March 2023

Venue: Inari Technology Sdn Bhd, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Course Objectives:

  • Derive a roadmap to continuous cost reduction.

  • Select the right techniques for a given specific situation.

  • Have a greater understanding of savings and how to measure them.

  • Set out a step-by-step approach to define where the savings opportunities are.

  • Review and have a better understanding of the different types of costs.

  • Exposure to multiple cost reduction tactics and techniques at workplace.

  • Have better control over maintenance costs to derive savings.

Who Should Attend:

Staff and Managers who have a direct responsibility in deriving strategies for cost reductions and cost savings. This may cover those from supply chain, procurement, contracts, inventory, sourcing, operations and engineering.

Training Methodology:

Where appropriate, activities will include the following:

  • Lectures

  • Facilitated group discussions

  • Group workshops and activities

  • Case Study workshops

  • Videos on subject matter.

More Training Pictures:

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