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TSY In House Training #521: Advance ESD Training

TSY In House Training #521: Advance ESD Training
Demonstration session.

The course begins with an introduction to ESD. Advancement in the field of electronics has made gadgets more compact, faster and cheaper. This has resulted in indirectly resulted in electronic components that are becoming more and more sensitive to ESD. Fundamentals of ESD covers the important concepts of ESD such as concepts of Faraday caging, laws of induction etc. These concepts are critical in order to understand how ESD becomes a threat to our electronic industries. Armed with the important concepts of ESD, the course then focus on how to prevent and protect ESD sensitive components.

Date: 14th & 15th November 2023

Venue: Micron Semiconductor Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Muar, Johor

Course Objectives:

To ensure the participants fully understand ESD as well as ANSI ESD S20.20 revision 2021 requirements.

Course Structure:

The course is practically orientated with numerous examples and demos in order to help the attendees understand the course. Participants are encouraged to participate and ask questions during the session. A pre and post tests will be held in order to assess the performance of the class. It is recommended that the size of the class be 25 or less participants in order to enable enough attention and time allocation for the subject matter to be well understood. Each participant will be provided a handout.

Who Should Attend:

This is open to all level of staff such as Technicians, Supervisors, Engineers, Officers, Managers, etc.

More Pictures:

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