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TSY International Course #13: Developing Effective Strategies For Media & Crisis Management

TSY International Course: Developing Effective Strategies For Media & Crisis Management
Training Preparation is done.

Everyone who be part of the organisation must be clear about the central operation idea, which is the organization's mission in order to make an organization successful. If the mission is clear, one can set measurable goals and establish a strategy for lobbying, volunteering development, and achieving results for the organization.

It's the media officer's or Media chair's job to always carry the organization of its solid goal and mission, to congratulate achievement in all its publications such as newsletters, with events and with media publicity that engage the imagination of stakeholders or the general public. We believe in all great achievements starts with a tiny idea.

TSY Consultancy do include a company visit to our media giant in Malaysia, “The Star Press” to enhance the learning of the participants in this course.

Date: 6th - 17th August 2018

Venue: Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Malaysia

Course Objectives:

  • Ability to Draft and Develop a suitable strategy to handle media and crisis according to different situation.

  • Audit your communications and review the current public relations performance.

  • Identifying new opportunities yet maintaining your current media communications strength.

  • Learn the importance of encouraging your organisation not to be passive.

  • Analyse and make rational decisions in before, during and after crises and emergencies.

  • Lead teams and organisations to response in crises and emergencies.

  • Solve problems and manage media crises and emergencies.


  • Demonstration by the Trainer on various techniques to build rapport with the public and media

  • Role Plays and Group Dynamics

  • Project Work done by the participants to acquire the knowledge and techniques to become an effective public relations officer

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who has responsibility for organisation internal and external media communication. And for those who working as a press officer, or be managing a specific campaign, or have oversight of the organisation's communications. The public sector, voluntary sector, corporate sector and private sector.

Feel free to contact TSY International by Call / WhatsApp to Sunny +6017-4036965 (English) and +6013-2455065 (Arabic) or email to


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