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Professional Behavioural Interviewing Skills

incorporating Excellent NLP Communication
المهارات السلوكية المهنية لإجراء مقابلات التوظيف مع الاستخدام المثالي للبرمجة اللغوية في التواصل

Format:          Five Days Human Resources Management Course

Date:              31th October - 4th November 2022

Venue:           Dubai, UAE

Course Highlight:

  • The Importance of Hiring the Right People   

  • Identify Competencies and Performance Dimensions 

  • Practical Interviewing Techniques

  • Understanding the Importance of Effective Communication

  • Understanding and Eliminating Potential Cultural Barriers


Behaviour-Based Interviewing is a very reliable and valid candidate selection technique based on the work of Professor Tom Janz, of the University of Calgary. While we all may say that past behaviour is the best indicator of future behaviour, we don’t act as if we believe this when we are interviewing candidates. Often because we aren’t certain how to ask questions, that will tell us about past performance.

This course concentrates on the pre-interview preparation, developing questions and their value, the interview techniques that get specific, behaviour-based examples of past performance, and the strategies that follow through on this process.

Communication skills are an essential component in every organization. People in organizations spend up to 75% of their time communicating with one another; whether it is at the interpersonal, inter-group, intra-group, organizational, or external levels. Poor communication skills can lead to poor public image, misunderstandings, mistakes, loss of productivity and can affect the morale and performance for the company.

By practicing good interpersonal communication skills, your employees and organization will perform better because everyone will know what is expected of them and what it takes to communicate effectively. The program aims to help individuals to learn how to communicate clearly, avoid jumping to conclusions, seek clarification and avoid making assumptions that distorts the information received. They will know how to create the positive impact required to gain the confidence of their subordinates, bosses, customers and suppliers.

This program has been designed to meet the needs of a highly competitive business environment, by equipping its executives with the practical know-how and skills to communicate more effectively – to enable them to meet the challenges posed by competition and external factors.

Course Objectives:

  • Have a process for creating competency requirements for any given position

  • Understand why behavioural interviews are two to five times more accurate than traditional interviews.

  • Identify and apply the principles of behaviour-based interviews, and performance-based selection methods.

  • Create behaviour-based interview questions

  • Enhance professional interviewing skills with effective communication strategies and behavioural interviews techniques

  • Role play and practice using behavioural interviewing skills

  • Develop a reliable, valid and defensible rating / scoring and evaluation process

  • Complete the process through testing and reference checking


The course will be conduct in English and Arabic.

لغة البرنامج: العربية + الانجليزية

Who Should Attend:

This course is suitable for HR professionals, managers, coordinators, that will involve in staff interview or staff review, and those who interested in learning the interviewing and communication skills.


Call / WhatsApp us for further information and registration of this program.

Mr Hussein (Arabic): +6011-607 24931

Mr Sunny (English): +6012 62 43921



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