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Project Management Conference

Format:     2 Days Project Management Conference

Date:         19 - 20 July 2022       

Venue:       Holiday Inn Express Spokane - Downtown (Washington, United States)

Fees:          USD 1800.00 per Trainee


This conference focuses on some project leadership abilities that are required in project circumstances with a varied collection of team members working together to achieve productive success. Tight budgets and deadlines demand high levels of performance from a staff that is always changing, often diverse in makeup, and faces new obstacles on a regular basis. Conflicts can be frustrating, even painful, but it is a project leader's job to resolve them. Some people would rather avoid problems than strive to settle them, which is not the greatest method to ensure a successful project outcome. Conflicts, if appropriately resolved, can be beneficial because they represent different perspectives on a project. If managed properly, these varied viewpoints can help propel a project ahead.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand leadership and its role in the development of project teams

  • Gain greater skill in working in the role of project leader

  • Understand the role of stakeholders in a project

  • Develop communication and human interaction skills to develop successful project teams

  • Develop techniques to deal with organizational change

  • Understand the role of the project leader in building an effective team and conflict management skills required to promote and sustain team performance

  • Learn crucial conflict resolution skills

  • Understand the significance of the leadership skill of conflict resolution to the project team and the impact of these skills on project performance

  • Be able to adapt conflict resolution process to different styles of people

  • Master different aspects of communication skills

Conference Outlines:

DAY 1: Leadership Skills in a Changing Project Environment

  • Identification of project leadership skills

  • Challenges project professionals face in changing organizations

  • Conflict conditions in organizations that exist that require leadership

  • The role of project team leadership in dynamic organizations

  • Understanding the role of strategic management in project leadership

  • How leadership skills have changed with organizational change

  • The role that organization type plays in project leadership

  • Developing a culture of organizational excellence in project leadership

  • Learning the skill and techniques of managing project stakeholders

  • Using project initiation methods to minimize scope conflicts

  • Risk planning that deals with project and team conflicts

  • Successful interpersonal interaction develops trust in teams

  • Characteristics of interpersonal interaction

  • Identification of the personal interaction style

  • Individual strengths and challenges of each interaction style

  • Team strengths and challenges in interpersonal interactions

  • Understanding how teams work better using varied interaction types

DAY 2: Communication as a Tool in Conflict Resolution

  • Importance of project team leadership and communication methods

  • Interpersonal communication is what is said, how it is said and the tone it is said

  • Understanding of how interpersonal communication preferences differ

  • Developing an active listening communication style

  • Communication information distribution and presentation in project teams

  • Communicating empowerment techniques in a project team

  • Understanding how innovation and improvement can generate conflict

  • Change and its role in projects and dealing with conflict resulting from change

  • Leading personal change in our project teams

  • Understanding problems inherent with change in individuals and teams

  • Preparing project team and individuals for change

Call / WhatsApp us for further information and registration of this program.

Mr Hussein (Arabic): +60 11 60724931

Mr Sunny (English): +60 12 6243921



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