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Shaping the All-Round Training Department Professional

التكوين المتكامل لإدارة التدريب بشكل احترافي

Format:          Five Days Human Resources Management Workshop

Date:              24th - 28th October 2022

Venue:           Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Course Highlight:

  • Training Evaluation Skills Workshop

  • Training Matrix & TNA Workshop

  • Annual Training Plan Workshop


Every day, training is becoming part of more job descriptions. Whether it's teaching a new employee what their role is or training 100 employees on how to manage their time better, some basic learning principles apply. As a training and development personnel, we have to know how to run the department effectively.

Analysis of the performance gap indicates a need for training interventions. Great, but where do you start? Who needs what training? When and how? This workshop answers these essential questions in a highly interactive and hands-on environment. This four days course also will help participants understand how to evaluate a trainer.


At the end of the programme, participants will have a more profound understanding and knowledge of the following areas: -

  • Develop the essential skills for a trainer;

  • Understand adult learning;

  • Know how to develop a training session;

  • Know how to add fun and games to your program;

  • Be familiar with delivery methods.

  • Define a Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

  • Identify when to perform a TNA.

  • Describe the purpose of TNA.

  • Describe what information will be gathered.

  • Determine the sources of data.

  • Determine the level of required information.

  • Describe specific data collection methods.

  • Prioritise new training requirements.

  • Describe the components of a Corporate Training Plan.

  • Make a buy or build decision.

Who Should Attend:

  • Training professionals, HR professionals, managers, coordinators, administrators, and corporate executives responsible for identifying, planning and scheduling department and corporate-wide training.

  • Training and HR professionals making decisions on training interventions, including whether to buy or build.

  • Individuals responsible for budgeting, forecasting or justifying training costs to develop, buy or implement training


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