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Small Group Coaching | TSY Consultancy International

Small Group Coaching

We share, We learn, We breakthrough. 

Focus and tailor made a coaching session just for you and your colleagues.

Public training normally contain delegates from different companies from various industries. Trainer have to ensure the module of training is understood by every delegates, therefore the training have to be conduct in a general format that everyone could catch up. The examples given sometimes might not be applicable for some other industries that some delegates representing. Trainer might also unable to explain in details for some question asked along the training process due to time constrain or the question is too specific related to certain industry and not suitable to discuss with all the other delegates.  


To overcome the limited constrains that public training have, TSY Consultancy come up with a special designed methodology - The Small Group Coaching. In the small group coaching, we offer you an option of coaching either in 1-to-1 manner or not more than 3 delegates per session. Moreover, all the delegates should represent the same company. Knowledge we share in this special coaching session from our professional trainers will be tailor made according to your true needs. In this private session, examples given by trainer will be related to your current industries, questions appears along the training can be explained in a more detail and specific way as all delegates are from the same background. These question can be a really good case study and the resolution can be apply together when back to the organisation by these delegates.


We encourage interactive workshops and case study discussion than just lecturing or receive one way communicate by trainer. Not only the module content, we also offer flexible choice of training venue, date, language and also the coaching format. Contact us for further arrangement with the Small Group Coaching Topic that you interested.


Our target is very simple: Flexible, Applicable, Comfortable, Enjoyable

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