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Time Management: Prioritize and Optimizing Time, Work flow And Productivity

Format:      Five Days Soft Skills Course

Date:           10th - 14th Oct 2022

Venue:        Dubai, UAE

Course Highlight:

  • Dimensions of Time Management & Personal Effectiveness

  • Personal Planning Systems /  Interruptions / Project Planning/Stress

  • Getting the Best from Other People / Communication  / Meeting Skills

  • Office Ergonomics / Managing Information / Efficient Reading & Writing

  • Developing Creativity / Continuous Improvement / Self-Development


Good time management lies at the heart not only of personal effectiveness but also of organisational success. Everybody needs to make the best of their own time and talent and those of the people around them if they, the team and organisation are to achieve their objectives and business goals. If you can’t manage time, you can’t manage anything.

This intensive and comprehensive training course provides participants with the opportunity to explore the fundamental principles of time management, take stock of their current working practices and determine action to enhance personal, team and organisational effectiveness.

Emphasis is placed not only on managing one’s own time but also on helping other people to manage theirs. This training course also focuses on the skill sets of personal effectiveness – such as communication, effective business writing skills, efficient reading, managing information overload and proactive self-development.


  • To help participants manage time better (their own and other people’s)

  • To provide an opportunity for participants to explore the skills and principles of time-management and exchange ideas, tips and techniques

  • To provide an opportunity for participants to take stock of their current working practices and decide on an action-based strategy to ‘work smarter’

  • To encourage participants to be proactive in their continuous professional development and to provide them with a range of tools to support their learning

Who Should Attend:

All professionals and administrative staff who have some discretion over how to manage their time and the need to balance priorities, to meet both immediate demands and longer-term objectives.

Call / WhatsApp us for further information and registration of this program.

Mr Hussein (Arabic): +6011-607 24931

Mr Sunny (English): +6012 62 43921



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