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Consultancy & Project Based Training

Following the same path will not lead you to somewhere better.

Organisational Culture Change is possible with our professional team.

All our training programs are HRDF Claimable!!

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We are not perfect, honestly to say training is just one of a way of improving and learning, but often the impact of training will gradually fade away after some time post training. If the skills or knowledge learnt from a particular training hasn't been practiced enough, some delegates may turn back to who he/she is before the training. One training is too short to seek for organisational change, there is no magic wand in this world that can confirm change happens on someone after attended any training. To counter the situation mentioned above, Consultancy or Project Based Training will be the best way to go.

For consultancy, our professional training will come over your premises not only for delivering quality training but also will give consultancy session to settle real-life issues happened in your organisation. For project based training, project will be assign to delegates after the training to ensure they really understand how to apply what they learnt in their work and also contribute to the organisation. In the consultancy or project implementation period, delegates can share their thoughts or results to the consultant to seek for improvement on certain issue, we will observe and monitor the process to increase the effectiveness of change management. This is a more promising way to have better output post training.

We encourage interactive workshops and case study discussion than just lecturing or receive one way communicate by trainer. Not only the module content, we also offer flexible choice of training venue, date, language and also the coaching format. Contact us for further discussion on your demand for a consultancy or project based training package. We will learn through your objectives and current situation of the organisation and propose you the best solution we have!

We provide consultancy for client that looking for production quality and productivity improvement, eg.

  • Different kind of ISO Setup or other related Services (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO 45001 Etc.)

  • Supervisory Skills Development Project

  • People Handling and Industrial Relation Consultancy

  • 5S Team and System Setup

  • Emergency Response Team Setup and Consultancy

Please contact us by clicking the button below or call us on +6012-6243921 to share us your training needs and we will figure out what to propose. Even guiding you to finish the steps of claiming HRDF online.

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