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Do Less, Achieve More: Getting The Desired Results In Your Work & Personal Life

أعمل أقل وأنجز أكثر، للحصول على النتائج المطلوبة في عملك وحياتك الشخصية

Introduction & Objectives:

Do you always struggle between your work life & personal life ? Trying to find a balance but instead ending up more stressful ? Do you put yourself under too much pressure to manage everything ?

Are you allowing all your time to be eaten up with the things you HAVE TO do & missing out on the things you really WANT TO do ? It doesn't have to be this way. Anything is possible when you stop trying to do everything at the same time.

We know that this is the norm & many of us are stuck in this pattern, the pattern of appearing busy so that no one can say we’re not working hard. But there’s another way to live a life that’s both more enjoyable and more productive, if only we can break those patterns. This Workshop shall introduce you to our revolutionary method of breaking this unproductive pattern by providing you the essential tips & tools to let you focus on the things that matter to you most & learning to let go of the rest. In short, learning to …



Who Should Attend:

Leaders, Supervisors, Officers, Secretaries, Sales Staff, Executives & Managers.

Anyone who aspires to be in better control of their daily activities & create success in their work.


Download our full brochure and register by clicking the tab below.

Format:    Four Days Workshop

Date:        20th - 23th August 2017 

Venue:     Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai, China

DAY 1: Goal Setting & Prioritise Your Task

DAY 2: Golden Tips to Reduce Unnecessary Time Wastage

DAY 3: Learn the Time Organisation System

DAY 4: Developing Good Habits for Great Performance

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