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Essential leadership & Management Skills for New Manager and Supervisor: From Doer to Manager

Format:     Five Days Leadership & Management Course

Date:         16th - 20th October 2022

Venue:       Madrid, Spain


Course Highlights:

  • Leadership Skills Required of a New Manager / Supervisor

  • Importance of Goal Setting and Planning for a New Manager / Supervisor

  • Time Management and Communication as Effective Disciplines for New Managers / Supervisors

  • How New Managers / Supervisors Build Effective Working Relationships

  • Developing Personal and Work Group Improvement Plans

Course Objectives:

At the end of the programme, participants will have a more profound understanding and knowledge of the following areas: -

  • Understand and develop skills necessary for new managers / supervisors

  • Learn how to set goals and plan effectively and efficiently

  • Develop abilities to support strategic thinking and customer focus

  • Learn how to establish and maintain effective time management techniques

  • Develop and use positive techniques to build effective working relationships

  • Apply concepts of team building, team performance and motivation

  • Understand how to develop productive communication techniques

  • Understand the importance of performance standards, goals and objectives

  • Develop personal and team action plans to accomplish work and improve performance.


The course will be conduct in English and Arabic.

لغة البرنامج: العربية + الانجليزية

Who Should Attend:

  • Personnel who have recently been appointed to a new management or supervisory position.

  • Those who are desirous of a managerial/supervisory position or those established managers / supervisors who have not had formal training.

  • Those who are responsible for managing any type of group or team and representatives of all functional disciplines from any type of industry, business or organization, including the service industry.


Call / WhatsApp us for further information and registration of this program.

Mr Hussein (Arabic): +6011-60724931

Mr Sunny (English): +60 12 6243921



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