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TSY In House Training #110: Key Success Factors To Micro- & Macro- Manage Your Team

TSY In House Training #110: Key Success Factors To Micro- & Macro- Manage Your Team
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Micro-management is a management style where a manager closely observes or controls the work of their employees. The micro-manager monitors and assesses every step. In contrast, Macro-managers set expectations on job functions, and give their subordinates the power to decide on the process. This 2 Days workshop attempts to equip candidates with tools and techniques for effectively macro-managing subordinates.

Date: 1st & 2nd October 2019

Venue: Vistana Hotel, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Course Objectives:

At the end of this practical course, candidates will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between micro- and macro-managing

  • Know the number one job priority in macro-management

  • List out a manager’s priorities especially delegation.

  • Find out how to drive productivity with effective communications

  • Learn about strengths & weaknesses of own self

  • Help subordinates identify their strengths and weaknesses

  • Identify the Emotional Intelligence factor

  • Managing time factors at the workplace

  • Manage difficult employees

  • Identify the difficult people

  • Coaching and mentoring subordinates well

Course Methodology:

This is a highly interactive training programme, whereby participants are to gain the learning points through experiential activities.

Who Should Attend:

Supervisor and Managerial Level and above.

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