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TSY In House Training #118: Problem Solving & Decision Making

TSY In House Training #118: Problem Solving & Decision Making
Training started.

Whoever said that he / she do not have a problem must be very ignorant about life. So we have a problem. Are we going to wallow in it and do nothing? Answer = No! When faced with a problem, we have to analyze it, make a decision and find a solution. There is a step-by-step method to come to the solution.

Date: 5th December 2019

Venue: SilTerra Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Kulim Hi-Tech, Kedah

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to think differently and demonstrate your creativity.

  • Develop strategies for critical thinking and describe how to apply them.

  • Learn different types of decisions and gather information.

  • Learn to solve problems by using simple techniques.

  • Decide how daily decisions are influenced by the big picture.

  • Illustrate how change affects problem solving and provide methods for dealing with change.

  • Learn about team decision making and advantages it offers.

  • Learn tools you need to demonstrate responsibility as a decision maker.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who faces Decision Making and Problems in their workplace.

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