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TSY In House Training #149: MICROSOFT EXCEL 2016: Intermediate Level

TSY In House Training #149: MICROSOFT EXCEL 2016: Intermediate Level
Training started.

Managing data systematically and logically is very important to produce a proper report. The latest Microsoft Excel offers more features and enhancements to better manage your spreadsheet. In this Level, we will see how the basic knowledge of Excel will be used to support advanced results. We will explore the different techniques to sum-marise, link, consolidate and lookup data.

Date: 12th August 2020

Venue: Jinko Solar Technology Sdn. Bhd., Prai, Penang

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Create formulas and functions, like:

    • COUNTIF Function

    • AVERAGEIF Function

    • SUMIF Function

  • Manage Table with using Auto Filters

  • Visualizing Data with Chart


Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel is essential with the following pre-requisites:

  • Have attended Microsoft Excel – Foundation Level; OR

  • Able to switch between task applications

  • Able to create a spreadsheet with simple formatting

  • Able to create a basic chart

  • Able to print a spreadsheet with headers and footers added

  • Able to create basic formulas – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

  • Able to use basic functions – AutoSum, Count, Max, Min and Average functions.

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for Clerks, Officers, Executives, Supervisors, Administrators, Managers of all levels; and personnel who already know and understand and want to further enhance their knowledge and practical uses of Microsoft Excel.

Training Methodology:

This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise.

Feel free to contact TSY Consultancy by Call / WhatsApp to +6012-6243921 or email to


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