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TSY In House Training #182: Materials Planning And Control

TSY In House Training #182: Materials Planning And Control
Introduction given by trainer.

Materials Planning and Control has been consistently cited as one of the most critical processes in any operational company. The impact Materials Planning and Control has on business is major given that it impacts customer service and the bottom line. However, managing Materials Planning and Control is not easy given the dynamic nature of the many uncertainties involved. This dynamism has necessitated many companies to upgrade the skills of their Material Control employees in order to capitalize on this untapped opportunity. In this course, many Supply chain and Materials Management best practices will be discussed, and the solutions provided will help participants deal with various scenarios to ensure the continuous flow of material at the least possible cost.

Date: 16th & 17th March 2021

Venue: Southern Cable Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Ketil, Kedah

Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the objectives and functions of materials and supply chain management (stock control, purchasing, stores and warehousing and explain how they relate to each other

  • Categorize stock items based on the ABC classification model

  • Calculate future demand for different stock items

  • Identify Reorder Points (ROP), Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and Safety Stocks (SS) for different stock items

  • Apply the basic purchasing processes.

  • Identify best practices in warehouses to maintain accurate inventory records

  • Management of stock takes and cycle counts

Course Methodology:

Where appropriate, activities will include the following:

  • Lectures

  • Facilitated Group Discussions

  • Case studies

  • Role plays (in face to face training only)

Who Should Attend:

Those involved in any function of materials control within supply chain management (inventory, warehousing, purchasing and transportation) who are concerned with successfully providing acceptable customer or user service at a minimum cost. This course is also appropriate for anyone who needs to know more about the role of materials management.

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