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TSY In House Training #214: Microsoft Excel Basic Level (Online)

TSY In House Training #214: Microsoft Excel Basic Level (Online)
Explanation from trainer.

Managing data systematically and logically is very important to produce a proper report. The latest Microsoft Excel offers more features and enhancements to better manage your spreadsheet. If your job involves intensive data analysis, calculations and tabular reports, this is a must attend starting point.

Date: 15th November 2021

Format: Remote Online Learning

Client: WL Wah Lean Sdn Bhd, Bukit Minyak, Penang

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Start using Microsoft Excel.

  • Prepare a simple and quick report.

  • Perform AutoFill

  • Use basic formulas – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

  • Use basic functions – AutoSum.


Basic knowledge of any Windows operating system with the following skills:

  • Able to use the keyboard

  • Able to use the mouse – point, click, double-click, right-click and drag

  • Able to manage folders – create, rename, delete

Who Should Attend:

This course is suitable for Administrative staff such as Human Resource, Sales and Marketing, Technical staff such as Engineers, IT and Analysts as well as Managers of all levels.

Training Methodology:

This program will be conducted through interactive lectures, practical exercises and group assignments.

More Training Pictures:

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