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TSY In House Training #258: Safety and Health Committee Program

TSY In House Training #258: Safety and Health Committee Program
Training starts soon.

Section 15 ( 2 ) ( a ) of OSHA Act 514 requires of employers the “provision and maintenance of plant and system of work that are, as far as is practicable, safe and without risks to health”. This clearly places the burden of responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment on the employer. The employ-er is also legally bound to provide information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure the safety and health of employees and environmental protection. The principle that “Occupational safety, health & environment are a management task” is the correct approach to this issue. Thus there is an acute need for organizations to implement Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Management Systems.

Date: 22th April 2021

Venue: BYD Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd., Simpang Ampat, Penang

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • List the duties, responsibilities and obligations under the Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSH 94) and Factories & Machineries Act 1967.

  • Advice the arrangement of Safety & Health policy based on Sec 16 of OSHA 94 requirement.

  • Explain the function of Safety & Health Committee based on the OSHA 94.

  • Explain the process on inspection process for accident prevention.

  • Elaborate the accident investigation based on legal requirement.

  • Able to perform the function of Safety & Health Committee based on legal requirement.

Who Should Attend:

Safety and Health Committee Members, Operation and Management staffs.

Training Methodology:

  • Training methods to be used include:

  • Short presentations with live interaction

  • Small group activities with facilitated dynamics

  • Discussions, process reviews and consensus building

  • Demonstration, role play and personalized guidance from instructor

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