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TSY In House Training #308: Competent Boomlift Safety Training

TSY In House Training #308: Competent Boomlift Safety Training
Instruction given in Practical session.

Boom lifts are an important component of the proper deployment and completion of many construction projects. However, given the size, scale, and structure of this type of equipment, they can also pose substantial risk and have the potential to cause serious injury if effective safety measures are not followed. These safety tips are important to consider and implement when operating boom lifts and can help prevent injuries, accidents, damage and liability concerns.

Date: 24th September 2022

Venue: SH Global Freight Sdn. Bhd., Prai, Penang

Course Objectives:

At the end of the session, participants should be able to:

  • Identify types of Boom lifts safety.

  • Identify the correct legislative requirement.

  • Understand the potential hazards handling Boom Lifts.

  • Use the appropriate personal protective equipment for the job carried out

Who Should Attend:

For Boomlift, or anybody that related to. Please make sure participants are able to drive boomlift because practical driving session will be include in this training.

Feel free to contact TSY Consultancy by Call / WhatsApp to +6012-6243921 or email to


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