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TSY In House Training #33: Cambridge Business Communication English

Malaysia In House Training: Cambridge Business Communication English
Group Photo.

Many people have fears when communicating in English. The lack of practice and guidance can further hinder the usage of the language.

English is internationally accepted and eases communication with different communities. It is widely used in most business organizations. Communicating effectively in English can lead to more understanding of work and business requirements. Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation is common fears. Using the wrong grammar, word or pronunciation may cause embarrassment and misrepresentation. Correcting common errors in everyday conversation and writing is the best way to overcome fears. It helps to reduce misunderstanding and uneasiness when using the language.

Date: March to July 2018

Venue: JA Solar (M) Sdn. Bhd., Penang

Course Objectives:

  • Speaking and writing better English.

  • Communicating in English effectively.

  • Overcoming fears in using English.

  • Correcting common errors in everyday conversation and writing.

  • Improving pronunciation and intonation.

  • Writing letters and emails confidently.

  • Raising the ability in achieving company objectives.

Who Should Attend:

Expatriates who wanted to overcome fear in English Speaking and improve their English Business Communication.

Teaching Methodology:

15% interactive tutorials

70% participative activities

15% group discussions

The training includes a lot of practical use and exercise on the english terms and medi that frequently used by the participants daily. Among these lessons, participants learnt the most practical things that they can immediately apply to their job. This customade methodology will increase the effectiveness rather than following the original module that might not be so relevant to implement all the learning on job.

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