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TSY In House Training #355: AIAG VDA FMEA (5th EDITION)

TSY In House Training #302: AIAG VDA FMEA (5th EDITION)
Training ongoing

Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) is an analytical technique used primarily by a Team as a means to ensure that, to the extent possible, potential failure modes and their associated causes/mechanisms have been considered and addressed. End items, along with every related system, subassembly, and component, should be evaluated. In its most rigorous form, an FMEA is a summary of the team’s thoughts (including an analysis of items that could go wrong based on experience) as a component, subsystem, or system is designed. This systematic approach parallels, formalizes, and documents the mental disciplines that a Team normally goes through in any design process.

Date: 27th December 2022

Venue: Sustio Sdn. Bhd., Batu Kawan, Penang

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to :

  • Understand what is Project Overview.

  • Understand the Seven Step Process.

  • Understand how to fill up the AIAG VDA 5th Edition Form Sheet.

  • Rank correctly Severity, Occurrence and Detection Tables.

  • Corrective Action based on Action Prioritization.

  • Prepare an effective FMEA.

Training Methodology:

The course content & concepts are explained using every day analogies and real world examples. The learner will get hands-on experience and step-by-step real-life examples in a workshop environment.

Who Should Attend:

Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Leaders, and staff involved with FMEA.

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