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TSY In House Training #423: MICROSOFT EXCEL 2016: Advanced Level Online Training

TSY In House Training #423: MICROSOFT EXCEL 2016: Advanced Level
Training in progress.

Course Introduction:

This Excel training program is NOT for novices. It covers functions, formulas and techniques for those who already have a strong foundation on Excel. Departments and offices that process high volumes of data with varying degrees of complexity and require much more advanced skills to manage it will find this course effective.

Date: 18th May 2023

Client: Jinko Solar Technology Sdn Bhd, Prai, Penang

Format: Remote Online Training through MS Teams

Course Objectives:

This 1-day program aims to enhance your expertise in Excel to the highest level and ensure a comprehensive understanding of all the advantageous features Excel can off your workplace.

Course Methodology:

This program will be conducted through interactive lectures, practical exercises and group assignments. Case studies on real-world scenarios are included to demonstrate the practicability of the lessons.

Who Should Attend:

This Microsoft Excel Advanced training is best suited for managerial and accounting staff who are already intimately familiar with Excel's features.

Clerks, operations personnel, security personnel, customer officers, front and backend staff who already have some pre-existing foundation in Excel.

More Pictures:

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