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TSY In House Training #85: Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment And Risk Control (HIRARC)

TSY In House Training #84: First Aid & CPR Training
Training in progress.

Section 15 of Occupational Health and Safety Act states that employer's responsibility is to ensure safe workplace and manage risk as low as tolerable as to prevent injury at workplace. The responsibility of managing risk is crucial and establish as HIRARC safe system of work program is important as it also complying with this section. This program offers a technique of risk management including hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control.

Date: 24th June 2019

Venue: Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Prai

Course Objectives:

The program is designed to provide participants with skills and confidence to perform HIRARC for the organization.

From this course, participants will have knowledge of:

  • Create Safe and Healthy working Environment.

  • Prevent all Accident and Incident at the workplace.

  • Prevent all Occupational Diseases.

  • Ensure Safe Working Practices.

  • Develop Individual Personal Responsibility for Environment, Health & Safety matters.

Course Methodology:

  • Presentation (Lecture)

  • Explanation

  • Demonstration

  • Brain Storming & Group exercise

  • Conduct risk assessment practice at work place.

Who Should Attend:

EHS committee, Operation supervisor, Shift leader, ISO Auditors.

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