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TSY In House Training #272: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program

TSY In House Training #272: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program
Practical session ongoing.

This course is a five-day course, hands on instructor led class. The class focuses on DMAIC concepts and tools application. Participants build the capabilities required to become high-performing members on Lean Six Sigma project teams. They learn problem solving, project management and statistical skills while applying them to identify improvement projects. The course is organized around the DMAIC model, a systematic method for analyzing and improving business performance. MINITAB, a statistical analysis software program, is used throughout the course.

Date: 8th, 9th, 21th, 22th & 23th June 2022

Venue: Ryco Hydraulics Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Ketil, Kedah

Course Objectives:

A structured problem solving methodology is effectively addressing high impact business improvement projects.

The application of relevant tools within each phase of the DMIAC business improvement model to:

  • Define opportunities

  • Measure current performance

  • Analyze high impact opportunities

  • Improve performance

  • Control performance.


This course has hands-on activities that require an extensive use of a computer. Unless your class is scheduled in a LAB, please plan to bring along your laptop computer to class with Minitab software version 20 installed.

Who Should Attend:

Belt candidates self-selected and/or identified by their leadership team to be a team member of a high-impact business improvement projects.

More Training Pictures:

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