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TSY In House Training #301: Hearing Conservation Program At Workplace

TSY In House Training #301: Hearing Conservation Program At Workplace
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This course provides training on hearing conservation program and awareness at workplace. The training content encompasses introduction to noise, regulations on noise exposures, hearing mechanism and its effects, hearing conservation program management, personal hearing protection (PHP) and audiometric testing.

Date: 30th August 2022

Venue: Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Prai, Penang

Course Objectives:

  • To be equipped with relevant information, knowledge and understanding with regards to the Occupational Safety and Health (Noise Exposure) Regulations 2019.

  • To develops participant knowledge on noise exposure and effects of noise at the workplace

  • To create awareness about the importance of hearing awareness at the workplace for employers and employees.

Course Methodology:

Theory Session

  • Dynamic & highly engaging presentation

  • Interactive and fun

  • Attention-grabbing audio-visual aids, real scene photographs, video clips, multimedia presentation

Practical session

  • Hands-on experience

  • Participant centered

Who Should Attend:

This course will benefit all employees that work in the high noise area in a workplace and Safety & Health Commit-tee members.

Feel free to contact TSY Consultancy by Call / WhatsApp to +6012-6243921 or email to


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